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Stricker has developed a new product for heavily used door openings: The Stricker sliding curtain.

Frequent drive-in damages, gray areas in the hygiene sector, inferior insulation performance - in the food and meat processing industry vertically opening high-speed doors in highly frequented areas come up against their limits. For a long time, there were no real and affordable alternatives. The company Glocken-Beune, producer of traditional sausages and snack items, was not satisfied with this situation and undertook a search for a solution. The Westphalian Company with long-standing tradition found what it was looking for in its close proximity at the company Stricker from Münster.

The Stricker sliding curtain

The sliding curtain is already passable even while not in completely open position and is equipped with a motion sensor for the opening pulse and with an additional drive-in protection.

Innovative in-house development: The Stricker sliding curtain

The two companies not only have family run business in its third generation in common, they also share their striving for continuous development of their products with stringent high demands on their own quality standards. Therefore, Stricker with its self-developed Stricker sliding curtain was able to present a solution that precisely met the specific requirements of Glocken-Beune. The basic concept of the product is two completely overlapping folding curtains that open horizontally and close in opposite direction. The material is made from PVC-coated woven fabric, which is moved by an individually constructed assembly without ground contact.

Fewer cases of damage, reduced repair costs

Therefore, the previous criticisms of the common vertically opening high-speed doors can be resolved in one fell swoop. Due to the short opening times, drive-in damages and the associated high repair costs and long downtime are history. There are no damages even by contact with industrial trucks, since there are no aluminum formed components and suspensions. Even with person collision, there is no risk of injury, which greatly increases acceptance among employees. "The sliding curtains provide staff real security. As a result, there is no more manual intervention in the door operation, and the doors remain always in automatic mode", says Detlev Beune, Managing Director of Glocken-Beune.

More hygienic due to no ground contact and completely suited for foodstuffs

Another advantage of the curtains lays in the hygiene sector. The sliding curtain has a low cleaning intensity, naturally completely suited for foodstuffs and meets all relevant requirements. In addition, the sliding curtain has no contact with the ground, enabling better compliance with hygiene requirements. Neither are contaminants absorbed from the ground, nor can transported goods be contaminated by condensation as in the case of doors that open upward.

The Stricker sliding curtain

Higher insulation performance as conventional high-speed doors

The sliding curtains also score in regards to the separation of warm and cold areas. Here, Stricker not only technically solved the problem of ice formation. The sliding curtains compared to conventional high-speed doors have a significantly higher insulation performance. In the closed position between the two layers of overlapping woven fabric, a layer of air builds up that has an insulating effect and allows significant energy savings.

Stricker had to confront and handle another special requirement in the area of the smokehouse, where work is done with vacuum. Where the vertically opening high-speed doors are struggling with mechanical problems, the Stricker sliding curtains now function faultlessly. Detlev Beune is very pleased: "Stricker's in-house engineers responded to all our individual assembly situations and requirements and developed solutions to all of them. We are very pleased with this service and the associated results."



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