Conveyor Belt Accessories

Our product range includes wear protection, sealing and fixing systems, safety guards, damping and impact protection, drums, rollers and stations.

manuguard® reliable and effective protective guard for bottom belt idlers

manuguard® offers effective and cost-effective bottom belt idler protection against unwanted intervention on easily accessible plant segments, walkways and bridges parallel to belt conveyors.
Due to their permanent movement, bottom belt idlers represent an especially high accident risk for belt conveyor operating staff.

Should employees’ fingers get caught between the bottom idler and the conveyor belt they are pulled between the belt and the idler roller in the direction the belt is moving due to due to the mangle effect.  Serious injuries and long-term health impairments can result. Such injuries can be decisively reduced and the industrial accident rate in  your company reduced through the use of manuguard bottom belt idler protection.

manufix® and Big Ben sealing systems

Stricker‘s manufix® and Big Ben sealing systems offer ideal solutions for sealing conveyor belt systems. manufix® is perfect for sealing loading points, has a long service life and can be easily readjusted and corrected "in passing". The Big Ben sealing system is highly suitable for the simple fixing of rubber side mouldings, for example on loading points, lateral guide rails, covers and transition points.

manusafe® safety guards

manusafe® safety guards are used, for example, where there is a risk that someone will reach into a conveying system for maintenance reasons. They can remove injury hazards.

manuprall® damping and impact protectors

manuprall® damping and impact protectors are the ideal solution for loading points and loading areas on conveyor belts. They guarantee optimum sealing at material guides, absorb high drop energies and conserve the conveyor belt at the loading point.

manufill® protective shield

Stricker’s durable, abrasion-proof and wear-resistant manufill® protective shield is effective wear protection at belt transition points, bunkers, silos, slides and chutes and therefore protect your system against wear economically and cost-effectively.

Drums, rollers and stations

Stricker keeps an extensive range of conveyor belt carrier rollers, belt guide rollers, buffer and support rings in standard sizes and custom-made products as well as carrying roller stations, drive and guide rollers in stock.


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